Washington Wilderness Overnight Camping Adventures Program for Teens Offered

Are you looking for a way to get your teenager out of the house this summer? If so, then you may be wondering what kinds of adventures are available for your teen to participate in. Perhaps you have already tried getting him or her out of the house, only to find that your teen is not very open to the idea and would rather spend time playing video games or surfing the web. What remains true, however, is that a camping adventure with other teens (more…)

Beware of the Wolf Packs in Washington’s Wilderness Areas

If you plan on visiting the wilderness of Washington in the near future, then you are likely looking forward to the idea of getting to explore all that the state’s wilderness has to offer. After all, this can be a beautiful place to visit and is something that you will be sure not to forget. At the same time, though, it is a good idea to take extra safety precautions ahead of time as a way of protecting yourself against some of the dangers that inherently exist in (more…)

Primitive Camping Normally Includes Sightings of Elk and Bear

Heading out for a primitive camping trip can be a wonderful experience. Not only can it give you the opportunity to spend a bit of quiet time surrounded by your favorite people, but it can also give you the chance to see things that you simply don’t see every day. For instance, you can enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the land, and you can also experience a lot of wildlife. However, it is (more…)

Washington State’s Natural Attractions

Washington is a beautiful state filled with natural attractions for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness. For nature enthusiasts who enjoy the outdoors, there are many famous attractions to visit. Because most of Washington’s citizens are conscious of the environment, they know CPL Energy and will find many ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Through all of their efforts, Washington’s natural attractions are well preserved including the San Juan Islands. The San Juans always attract hordes of tourists to the beautifully forested mountains. There, they enjoy the spotting bald eagles flying overhead while watching orcas fish for salmon in the waters below.

Another lovely attraction is the Olympic National Park which offers a view of an intriguing ecosystem comprised of Sitka spruce trees and giant ferns. In addition, the park has miles of foggy beaches and lush meadows.

A third well known attraction is the North Cascades National Park Complex. For those who are more adventurous. this park has a more rugged terrain as it is the least explored in the state. Although it is usually covered with snow for more than half the year, the park offers exquisite views on clear days.

A popular favorite is the Mount Rainier National Park. This park suits avid hikers as their best vantage points, Sunrise and Paradise, offer the best hiking trails in the state. Hikers are rewarded with a beautiful view of the mountain.

Daredevils flock to the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument which is one of the only active volcanoes in the U.S. This mountain is still recovering from the 1980s volcanic eruption that has created the most beautiful landscape of ashen fields and fallen trees.

Finally, one of the most fascinating places to visit is a bit of a contradiction. Named the Dry Falls, this waterfall has not had any water flow through it for thousands of years. However, it is still an impressive place to visit with awesome views.

Washington is known for preserving nature at its finest. In a world where the health of the environment is slowly deteriorating, people should make an effort to visit all the attractions it has to offer. To feel one with nature is what everyone needs before we no longer have the opportunity to do so.

Washington Wilderness Mountain Study Areas Offer Excellent Hiking Trails

The avid globetrotters and thrill-seekers will find hiking trails in the State of Washington both enticing and daring. Several of the locations are considered to be the best in the world and provide plenty of natural attractions.

The Wonderland Trail – This challenging trail is 93 miles long and meanders through forests and valleys into high alpine areas. The hike is recommended for experienced individuals as it requires superb hiking skills and abilities to survive a strenuous trip. Camping is restricted to designated areas and wilderness permit is required. (more…)

Wilderness Camping and Backpacking Popular In Washington

A wilderness adventure is an experience of a lifetime. The sights are awe inspiring and the wildlife is unforgettable. Washington is a very popular place for wilderness camping and backpacking because of its vast park systems. Washington is part of the National Wilderness Preservation System, which was implemented to protect the back country. It has national parks and forests that are perfect for camping and backpacking. Today wilderness land is a place where people can go to experience peace and solitude. Some (more…)

Top Five Wilderness Wonders To Experience While In Washington

The state of Washington has some of the most untamed wilderness in the United States. Its views will leave visitors awed. Washington offers a plethora of outdoor activities; such as camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and rafting. Given the states size and reputation for the great outdoors, it is no surprise it draws thousands of outdoor enthusiasts into its wilderness every year. However, with all the state has to offer, how does one choose the best place to visit? Hopefully, this list will help solve that conundrum.

Olympic National Park- (more…)

Hiking Safety Tips For The Visiting Washington Wilderness Hiker

Safety should be a concern for someone hiking the Washington wilderness or any wilderness for that matter. There is a multitude of problems that can take place if one isn’t aware or knowledgeable. Preparation and awareness can prevent something bad from happening.

Be aware of the wildlife that is around. You should know what to do if you happen to stumble upon a bear or other dangerous animal. If you happen to stop along the trail (more…)

Vast Variety of Wild Animals Roam In Washington’s Wilderness

Northern regions of the country often have a more varied group of wild animals than those found in southern regions. In the state of Washington, residents and visitors could potentially see any number of wildlife in its native habitat. Some of the larger animals found in this region include the black bear and moose. In the same family as moose are elk and deer, which are also native to this area. Washington also has wild coyotes, cougars and bobcats living in many of the wilderness areas. For the most part, these larger animals do not venture into (more…)